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Special Benefits (Earn Upto 24%)

TravelChaCha.com devised such a scheme for the customers (B2C) under which they can be benefited while availing the services and products of TravelChaCha.com. According to the scheme, if customers seek the services of online flight booking and they become the regular users for this particular service, they can become our preferred customers and can earn upto 24%. For other services, we have devised the best possible schemes for the regular customers especially in the areas of online hotel booking, online car rentals, online tour packages and others.

To avail this specific benefit from TravelChaCha.com
  1. Only our regular customers after satisfying certain terms and conditions can be upgraded to this level of preferred customer and can be eligible to earn upto 24%.
  2. Secondly, the customers have to deposit some amount in the account of TravelChaCha.com which will be deducted automatically while making online flight booking.
Once the customers fulfilled the aforesaid major terms and conditions, they can avail the following benefits from the online panel of TravelChaCha.com with entire range of freedom.
  1. The TravelChaCha.com will provide, under its special category, flight booking panel with password to log on to the site of TravelChaCha.com where customers have full freedom to make their booking independently whenever they want and wherever they want. Besides the online ticket booking customers can do the following activities:

  1. The customers can get online invoice while booking through the customers’ panel of TravelChaCha.com.
  2. They have full range of making online payment via all the major credit cards.
  3. If the customers want to view the account statement, they have full freedom to view the complete account statement of their flight booking.
  4. Not only this, via travelChaCha.com customers’ panel, they can even cancel their booking with certain terms and conditions as laid down by the TravelChaCha.com.
  5. Whatever amount, the customers are earning, that will be given in the form of Credit Notes
Common Benefits of Customers (B2C)

TravelChaCha is one of India’s premier One Stop Shops for all kinds of tour and travel products having its offices in New Delhi, Agra and Goa in India and international offices in California, New York, Washington DC, Houston, USA, Sri Lanka etc. to serve the domestic and international tourists at any time, any moment and any where in any parts of the world. It is a complete online travel solution portal in the sense that the travelers need not require moving to different travel agents for different services involved in the entire travel process. Sitting at one place, travelers can enquire, navigate and ask for everything related to travel services. The major list of online travel services include online flight booking, online hotel booking, online car/bus booking besides other services like travel insurance, visa assistance, forex, domestic and international tour packages with detailed description of day to day activities, short domestic/international tour packages, long domestic and vacation packages, LTC packages, rich information of all the tourist destinations and many other services that have really galvanized the tourism industry especially in the field of online booking system on the one hand and eased the psychology of the travelers on the other whenever they plan for tour and travel in this age of online revolution! The entire system is user-friendly that guides the travelers automatically while booking for flight, hotel and car. What is exciting and stimulating among the customers is its competitive rate of travel products and services that is an exceptional blend of leisure travel and expense management solutions in the environment of cut-throat competition.